Tower District

“The whole world is on neighborhood.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Tower District, named for the neon-lit Art Deco Tower Theater for the Performing Arts, is a preeminent arts and entertainment district in Fresno, CA. The main thoroughfares, Olive and Wishon, and Van Ness are abuzz with sidewalk cafes, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, community theaters with live performances, art galleries, delis and bakeries, and specialty retail establishments that sell a wide variety of goods from used books, designer and vintage clothing, fine jewelry, and clocks to vinyl records. It is a walkable, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood, with wide streets lined with mature trees and cultivated pride of ownership gardens, and buildings that abound with colorful murals.

The District is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Fresno. The unique mix includes dozens of ethnic groups, families with children, singles, retired persons, students, artists, white-collar and blue-collar workers, and a population of homeless young adults.

The Tower District is alive with the arts with annual special events that turn the entire neighborhood into a giant party. These include the celebrated Rogue Festival (the city’s annual fringe festival), the Fresno Film Festival, and an annual Mardi Gras parade.